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Obama critic censored

Pro-Obama comment is ALWAYS welcome in the media. Anti-Obama comment not so much

A talk-radio host was reprimanded on air by his executive producer Wednesday after he received complaints about his coverage of Sen. Barack Obama. KDKA-AM 1020 host Kevin Miller was silenced when executive producer P.J. Kumanchik read a CBS statement accusing Miller of being unfairly biased against Obama. "We want to apologize to listeners who have found your show offensive," Kumanchik said to Miller on the air.

Kumanchik referenced phone calls and e-mails from listeners who criticized Miller for his statements about Obama. In a move considered by some to encourage "fairness," he also offered Obama a three-hour spot on the Pittsburgh, Penn., station in place of Miller's regularly scheduled noon to 3 p.m. program.

The executive producer of the CBS affiliate said Miller, a Marconi Award nominee and former Army Reserve journalist, had featured guests who were not objective when reporting information about Obama. Miller had recently conducted an Oct. 9 interview with "The Obama Nation" author and WND senior staff reporter Jerome Corsi about his investigation of Obama's connections to opposition leader Raila Odinga in Kenya. He called Corsi "a true patriot" upon his return from detention by Kenyan immigration authorities.

In the interview with Corsi, Miller revealed his personal concerns about efforts to silence Obama critics. "Well Dr. Corsi, what scares me is, we've seen this from the Obama campaign, that they clearly target people such as yourself, talk radio stations - whether it's WGN or others or people like myself - that speak out," he said. "And if [Obama is] elected, we're going to have a different chorus when it comes to discourse in this country."

Another one of Miller's recent shows featured John Murtagh, a man who survived Weather Underground firebomb attacks on his home, to discuss Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers.

This week, after Kumanchik finished his statements condemning Miller's coverage, people began calling to criticize the station, suggesting it was censoring the talk-radio host. Others remain confused and wonder whether the broadcast was simply a publicity stunt. Some online rumors even suggest Miller could be taken off the air.

On Thursday, Miller apologized for his comments concerning censorship of his show following airing of the CBS statement, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported. The station has not released a transcript of the show.

The on-air incident occurred in the wake of a campaign coverage study that revealed the "big three" networks - ABC, NBC and CBS - have routinely favored Obama in their election coverage. Findings released by the Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University show 61 percent of the networks' reports aired between Aug. 23 and Sept. 30 cast the Democratic Party candidate in a favorable light - leaving Sen. John McCain with only 39 percent of positive coverage.

KDKA program director Marshall Adams declined to comment on circumstances surrounding the talk-show segment or indicate whether McCain had been offered a three-hour spot as well.


Attack on Joe the plumber shows how ruthless the Left are

One of the perhaps most confusing sub-texts of the 2008 election has been the curious and in some cases surprising support that the candidates have and have not received from evangelical Christians. But if one looks at the record, and not merely the high rhetoric one thing for certain should be easily distinguishable - Barack Obama's record of votes, his view of government, and the ideas to which he aligns himself do not match the values, principles, and truths for biblical Christians.

Understanding this to be the case, and knowing that biblical Christians have a responsibility to act as wise stewards when casting their votes (render to Caesar, in our nation 'We the People' are Caesar etc.) it become imperative to speak with clarity on the issue.

For these few weeks my column will examine the most egregious examples of where Obama's record violates values, principles, and biblical truth.

After Barack Obama got rhetorically bludgeoned this week with the consequences of his own words to a working class guy from Toledo, the nation got a peek into his soul. It was not pretty and it should serve as a preview of what we can expect from Barack Obama towards those who disagree with him. It has been unattractive, unbecoming of someone running for President, and certainly riddled with hypocrisy and double standard.

Think about it. Just two days before Barack Obama eagerly walks up to a working "Joe," fields a question about his policies, and gives his answer. Only two days later Obama, Biden, the DNC, and many in the mainstream leftist establishment (you call them the media) go wall to wall on the attack against... the man who asked the question, not the one who gave the answer.

Of course it was one of the worst answers ever given by any presidential candidate in history. I mean people in free countries generally decided a generation ago that when Government has sole discretion over the supply of money, where it goes, and who gets it (especially when disconnected from effort, work, or accomplishment) that the only ones who end up doing better are those running for office. If you get enough people so brain washed and brain dead that they "think" that they can live off the great government udder, then those who give access to such will enlarge their power, capital, and position. These people are Marxists. Conversely if you empower people to provide, care, and steward themselves and their families - the need for government begins to fade. These two principles and world views will always be at war with each other on the fundamental basis: Marx says let the state provide for you, the Bible says if a man does not work--he should not eat.

The Left, and especially Obama, are completely ignorant of the fact that the majority of Americans think Marxism is not just less attractive but immoral. It offends the decency and sensibilities of many a man and woman who work upwards of ten, twelve, sixteen, hours a day and find themselves punished for such hard work. (Also based in the Biblical truth found in the "Parable of the Talents.")

So when a working man, who does work twelve to sixteen hours a day, asks Senator Obama about the dream of his future, his hopes to someday, if he works hard enough, to be able to actually buy the company he works for, Senator Obama rhetorically pats him on the head and tells him to take his marxist plan and be thankful for it, the working Joe (gasp) disagrees.

Had the issue ended with that interchange on YouTube Barack Obama would've forgotten all about this working class guy and his dreams. But it didn't because to Barack Obama's great surprise his answer that government knew better how to "spread the wealth around," and the implication for working class people, that they would now be crushed under the economic plan Obama has put forward caused a lot of people to take pause.

McCain seized on Obama's gaffe and the working Joe became the star of the debate. Yet here is the most troubling aspect of all. The Obama camp unleashed the hounds, not against his opponent's plans, records, or words from the debate. No. They rolled bulldozers into the life and background of a man who has worked in a blue collar job for most of his adult life, and began to look for any and every piece of suspect baggage that they could throw up to the media.

The next morning Biden openly sneers at working class people on the morning talk shows. In the debate Obama pretended as though Joe might not have even existed when he prefaced a response to McCain with, "Joe, if you're even out there..." And the one stayed on target at his next two rallies publicly and openly mocking a plumber's ability to ever make more than $250,000.

But wait Sen. Government... Isn't the American dream summed up in the idea that if you work as hard as possible that you can break through to new earnings? Isn't it the American ideal to base your economic rise or fall on the shoulders of your own efforts? Shouldn't the desire for social justice inform you that it is immoral to take what one has earned and give it to one who did not? (And please don't start with compassion... Genuine compassion is when someone who has earned it voluntarily gives it because he is so moved to help his brother in need. Mandating such violates the heart and the conscience.)

Team Obama's entire media operation became a heat seeking missile aimed at one target--destroy the working class person who dares to think, work, plan, and save for the benefit of their family, community, and nation. And do so especially if in the asking of honest questions you expose the leftist candidate in a presidential race to be the secret godless-worldview-marxist Barack Obama is.

One lesson learned from this week: when the left feel weakened they will level you with brute force, if necessary, to keep their stranglehold on the lifeline to our pocketbooks. It is also clear that scripture teaches instead to treat those who disagree with us far different than that!


Joe and Barack's Tax Problems.

I was stunned to see some document showing Joe the Plumbers' tax problems on my 10pm (CT)newscast on the local NBC affiliate in Chicago on Thursday night. They have very little time for any national news and they actually spent time on Joe the Plumbers' tax problems. Amazing! But when an actual candidate - Barack Obama - released his tax returns, which on their face seemed to show an ethics violation of Illinois law, the press couldn't care less. Just to remind you, Illinois prohibits state legislators from taking speaking fees, and Barack reported "speaking fees.":
Apparently, as an Illinois state legislator through 2004, Barack was prohibited from taking honoraria for speaking under the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act. But what about Barack Obama's 2000 and 2002 tax returns?

2000: On his 2000 Schedule C-EZ, Barack reported that he received $16,500 as a "Foundation director/Educational speaker."

2001: On his 2001 Schedule C-EZ, Barack reported $98,158 from a Chicago law firm, Miner, Barnhill, for "Legal services/attorney" (and nothing for speaking).

2002: On his 2002 Schedule C, Barack reported $34,491 for "LEGAL SERVCES / SPEAKING FEES." These "speaking fees" are in addition to the amounts that Barack was paid as an employee, a lecturer at the University of Chicago, reported on the first page of his 1040s. The Illinois Governmental Ethics Act (apparently last changed in 1995) provides:
(5 ILCS 420/2-110)

Sec. 2-110. Honoraria.

(a) No member of the General Assembly shall accept any honorarium.

(b) As used in this Section: "Honorarium" means a payment of money to a member of the General Assembly for an appearance or speech . . . .

I really don't blame Obama for not addressing this; he released his tax returns after all. The problem is the press, which seems to be having more trouble than usual doing its job this season. As I've said before, the best solution to the problem is integrating the newsrooms politically.


Obama & Ayers Shared Chicago Office For Years On the Same Floor... And Maoist Hardliner Mike Klonsky Worked There Too


Barack Obama told George Stephanopoulos during the ABC democratic primary debate in April that "Bill Ayers" was just "a guy who lives in my neighborhood". Barack Obama told Stephanopoulos:
"George this is of what I'm talking about. This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood who's a professor of English in Chicago who I know and who I have not received some official endorsement from... The notion that somehow that by me knowing someone who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago when I was 8 years old somehow reflects on my values doesn't make much sense George."

Verum Serum discovered that not only were Barack Obama and Bill Ayers close associates but they shared the same office together. Bill Ayers' Small Schools Workshop, the one Obama directed over $1 million to, is located at 115 S. Sangamon Street, Chicago, Illinois 60607. This is the same address as the Annenberg Challenge according to a 1998 tax form:

Obama and Ayers were serving on the same board in 2002- less than six years ago. And they shared an office - for 3 years on the same floor. But Obama says he's just "a guy who lives in my neighborhood." No Senator, he's not.

More... Joshua discovered who else was working in the office with Obama and unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers... The radical 1960's Maoist Mike Klonsky. And gee... wouldn't ya know, idiot Mike Klonsky is listed as Co-Director with Bill Ayers at the same address as Obama. Now, not only do we have Obama linked to terrorist Ayers, but to another radical nutjob Klonsky.

Who is Mike Klonsky?... WorldNetDaily reported further that "while Obama chaired the board of the CAC," "... more than $600,000 was granted to an organization founded by Ayers and run by Mike Klonsky, a former top communist activist." Gee, there's that ugly "C" word that no one in the Media will mention - Communist. "Klonsky was leader of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party, which was effectively recognized by China as the all-but-official U.S. Maoist party."

Obama funded this idiot- Obama. Great. Our next president may not just be the most liberal politician to ever serve but his only major achievement will be his years working in an office with a domestic terrorist and a radical Maoist on failed educational projects. Good God.

Source (See the original for links etc.)

Obama's Plan for Illegal Driver's Licenses Attacked

Back during the heated days of the Democratic primary, Sen. Barack Obama made a crucial decision to appeal to his party's most liberal base: He embraced the idea of giving driver's licenses to any illegal immigrant who wanted one. Hillary Clinton decided to oppose such a concept. Her chief strategist, Mark Penn, warned her she could not win the general election taking such a position.

Now, if a Republican group has its way, Obama will suffer defeat at the polls for supporting such a program. The National Republican Trust Political Action Committee (NRTrust PAC) has launched a new TV ad hitting Obama on the issue of licenses for illegals, linking his position to the devastating terror attacks of Sept. 11.

"Nineteen terrorists infiltrate the U.S.," the 30-second NRTrust ad begins. "Thirteen get driver's licenses. The 9/11 plot depended on easy-to-get licenses," a women narrator reveals as images of a burning World Trade Center are juxtaposed with a mock up of Mohammed Atta's Florida driver's license. Atta was fingered as the ringleader of the 9/11 terror attacks.

"Obama is the most radical liberal ever to be nominated by the Democratic Party," Scott Wheeler, executive director of the NRTrust, told Newsmax. "The driver's license is just one of many issues that proves it." His Web site [] cites a 2007 Rasmussen poll showing that 77 percent of voters oppose granting illegal immigrants driver's licenses.

A recent Newsmax/Zogby poll on the question found that 46 percent of voters said they would be less likely to vote for Obama if he backed the idea of driver's licenses for illegals. (Thirty-eight percent of voters said they were "much less" likely to vote for him under those circumstances.)

The Zogby data suggests the issue could hurt Obama across party lines. Almost 20 percent of Democrats and 52 percent of independents said they would be less likely to vote for him if he backed such a license plan. Though white voters strongly opposed Obama's plan (50 percent), core Democratic groups also were negative on the issue, with 29 percent of Hispanics and 42 percent of blacks saying they would be less likely to vote for him with such a plan.

Wheeler's group quotes political strategist Dick Morris as praising NRTrust as "a very effective organization" and saying the driver's license issue could "make a huge difference on Election Day." Wheeler says his group has raised $500,000 and has close to 10,000 donors. He has raised his organizations profile by advertising on conservative Web sites, including ads on Newsmax, Human Events, GOPusa, and other sites. His organization said it is rolling its first ad in key swing states this weekend. ....

During the November Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, moderator Wolf Blitzer raised the issue again, asking Obama whether he supported driver's licenses for illegal immigrants. Obama began by recounting that he had vigorously promoted the concept in the Illinois State Senate, where he said he voted to train, license, and insure illegals to operate motor vehicles, to "protect public safety."

Not satisfied with that response, Blitzer asked again whether Obama supported granting licenses to illegals. This time, it was Obama who appeared to waffle. "This is the kind of question that is sort of available for a yes-or-no answer," Blitzer responded, drawing laughter from the audience.

Asked a third time whether he supported licenses for illegals, Obama eventually answered: "Yes," but quickly added that he would fight for comprehensive immigration reform to address larger issues.

Wheeler argues that Obama's position in support of licenses to help public safety is ludicrous. "Imagine if a potential terrorist enters the U.S. but has no history of previous terror activity or has changed their identity," Wheeler says, adding, "How does Obama weed such dangerous people out before giving them a driver's license? You can't."

Sen. John McCain has stated he opposes driver's licenses for illegals. He also has stated his opposition to any benefits for those who "have come here illegally and broke our law."

In a February 2007 speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference, McCain said, "It would be among my highest priorities to secure our borders first, and only after we achieved widespread consensus that our borders are secure, would we address other aspects of the problem in a way that defends the rule of law and does not encourage another wave of illegal immigration."


Governor Palin, "Joe The Plumber," And The Real Middleclass

Why has a guy named Joe from Holland, Ohio, been a hot topic among the two dominant presidential campaigns? Could it be that there are millions of other Americans just like him, and we pose a challenge for politicians of all stripes - - especially Democrats?

Of course, I'm referring to Joe Wurzelbacher, the plumber from Ohio who, caught on video questioning Barack Obama about his tax hike plans on October 11th, was told by the Senator that "when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody." Since the publicizing of that video on Youtube Dot Com, Joe has appeared as a guest on the CBS Evening News, Fox News channel's "Your World With Neil Cavuto," And ABC-TV's "Good Morning America." Joe was also referenced more than 20 times at the third and final presidential debate last week, as John McCain looked into the tv camera and assured Joe that he won't raise Joe's taxes, and then repeatedly criticized Obama's plan to "spread the wealth."

A week later, the candidates are still talking about this guy. McCain and Palin speak supportively of Joe the plumber, and express their intentions to keep Joe's tax burden low. And amazingly, presidential candidate Barack Obama and vide presidential candidate Joe Biden, with people around the globe watching their every move, have taken to belittling, impugning, and maligning their fellow American, the very-middleclass Joe Wurzelbacher.

Insisting that his tax plan will only raise taxes on those earning in excess of $250,000 a year, Obama has repeatedly scoffed at Joe the plumber, asking "how many plumbers make a quarter of a million dollars?" And Biden joked on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno that he wants to help real plumbers who are "actually licensed."

Obama and Biden may both be surprised to know that, in many states, individual plumbers can practice their craft under the auspices of someone else's license - - like, for example, the owner of the plumbing company that employs them. They may also be shocked to learn that, yes, plumbers and owners of plumbing companies can, and often do earn $250,000 a year or more. We still call them "small businesses" - - and they are some of the very businesses that will be endangered should the Obama-Biden economic plan become law.

But why is Obama, the multi-millionaire graduate of an elite Ivy League school, spending his precious campaign time trying to discredit one blue collar, middleclass man from the swing state of Ohio? Perhaps it is because Wurzelbacher threatens Obama's assumptions about America.

Joe Wurzelbacher symbolizes the American middleclass in ways that we simply haven't seen it symbolized in the media for a long time. So far as we know, Wurzelbacher has no direct or familial connections to the epicenters of American power - - elite schools, Fortune 500 companies, Washington politicians, and so forth. But this doesn't leave Joe feeling like a victim.

Indeed, the hard working "Joe the plumber" apparently views himself as upwardly mobile, and fears that his government will punish him financially once he achieves his idea of "the American Dream." To be sure, Wurzelbacher never told Obama that he earns over $250,000 a year (that's Obama's own misrepresentation of the facts). On the contrary, Joe said that he intends to, in the future, generate that level of income.

But perhaps most importantly, Wurzelbacher (and those of us like him) doesn't get any satisfaction from tax policies that impugn those above him on the social ladder. We are horrified, not enchanted, by Obama's third-world style class warfare and politics of envy. We aspire to achieve as the millionaire's in our midst have achieved (even the millionaire named Barack). And we also understand that to economically malign one category of Americans, is to malign us all.

Governor Sarah Palin represents this middleclass paradigm beautifully. And she articulates the middleclass vision better than anyone else in the current race.

But regardless of whether or not the McCain/Palin ticket wins next month, the independently-minded American middleclass has been awakened, thanks in no small part to Joe, and Sarah. Consequently, Obama, Biden, Pelosi and company will find it far more difficult to enact their socialist vision for America.


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