Thursday, September 18, 2008

Obama getting REALLY rattled

Won't leave home without his teleprompter. Spontaneity is dangerous for him. He might say what he really thinks!

CNN's Political Ticker reports that Obama is now using his teleprompter even for campaign rallies, as in this one held in a bull ring (how appropriate is that!) yesterday in Pueblo, CO.
The Democratic presidential nominee has never tried to hide the fact he delivers speeches off the device, though normally he doesn't use one at standard campaign rallies and town hall events. But the Illinois senator used a teleprompter at both his Colorado events Monday - making for a particularly peculiar scene in Pueblo, where the prompter was set up in the middle of what is normally a rodeo ring.

Too bad we have only one major party candidate for the Oval Office capable of speaking without a prepared script. It raises questions about his authenticity when Obama is afraid to speak without a script. This disability of Obama should give pause to all those who think he is so well-prepared for our nation's highest office.


Obama Flat-Out Lies About Inventing the Stimulus Package

He's a fabulist -- his fantasies are like reality to him

Even his fellow Democrats, asked if it were true that Obama had taken the lead in crafting the stimulus bill, answered simply, "No."
In Golden, Colo., today, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., took credit for the stimulus package that passed earlier this year. "In January, I outlined a plan to help revive our faltering economy," Obama said, "which formed the basis for a bipartisan stimulus package that passed the Congress."

Is that true? Democrats on Capitol Hill who support Obama say no. Wanting Obama to win, however, none will say so on the record.

When you've done nothing at all -- except for the writing (ghostwriting?) of two memoirs telling the world how you'd done nothing at all for forty years of your life -- you're required to claim credit for things that sort of happened nearby you.

Pure Bankum: Obama claiming to have been on the Banking Committee.

Punchline? Of course he wasn't on it. He just was sort of in the vicinity of the Banking Committee at certain times, and once again, that's what Obama calls a "credential." If Obama's so scary-qualified, why is he unable to list any real accomplishments and achievements?

Obama told Mike Shanahan to go for the two-point conversion near the end of the game for the victory over the Chargers. When asked about it Obama quipped, "I know it was a big risk, but I felt that the time was right for decisive action. So I called Coach Shanahan and told him to go for two." Biden added, "Yeah, me too."

As a Concerned Christian Conservative -- much like all of you -- I have to say that while I appreciate that Sarah Palin has done remarkably well for a brain-damaged meth-addicted chillbilly snow-whore, I like Obama's gutsy "Let's go for it" attitude.


Democrats' lying game

These days, there is an outbreak of artificial indignation over the "lies" of Republicans. John McCain, claims Barack Obama's national press secretary Bill Burton, has run the "sleaziest and least honorable campaign in modern presidential campaign history."

Ouch. We can attribute one of the following to this claim: 1) Burton has just landed on the planet Earth; 2) Burton is attempting to manipulate the media; 3) Burton is "lying."

I pick 2. After all, we've all heard the self-serving myth that pits helpless, meek, high-minded, issue-oriented Democrats against mendacious and mean Republicans, who not only detest America - especially children and small vulnerable creatures - but will lie and cheat to keep all oppressed.

The facts betray a more equitable story. And it starts with Sarah Palin's assertion that she said "thanks, but no thanks" to the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere" and opposed earmarks. This is an elastic political truth.

Technically, she did stop the project after initially supporting it. She has taken earmarks - even lobbied for them while mayor of Wasilla. As governor, though, Palin also vetoed over 300 wasteful projects and made an attempt to reform the process. Her record on earmarks is mixed, but by any measure, it's far superior to either Democratic candidate.

Moreover, if this Palin claim can be classified as an untruth, Obama can be called a "liar" just as easily. Take, if you will, the foundational assertion of Obama's entire campaign that he is the candidate of post-partisan change. Obama, meanwhile, voted with fellow Democrats 96 percent of the time in Washington. And the bipartisan achievement he most often cites, an ethics reform bill, was passed by unanimous consent in the Senate.

Unanimous: ". . . being in complete harmony or accord." So, then, "Unity" should be referred to as a poetic truth.

And when much of the media acts as if it is personally offended by a questionable McCain ad accusing Obama of voting for a bill that would have provided sex education to kindergartners, you feel the pain. It was, indeed, a massive stretch.

It reminds me of the Obama ad that accuses McCain of having "voted to cut education funding" and "proposed" the abolishment of the Department of Education despite neither being true. Not much anger at that one. Just a lot of talk about the media's responsibility to keep candidates honest. And absolutely, journalists have a responsibility to put every single candidate through the wringer....

So maybe, when ABC's Charlie Gibson has the chance to chit-chat with Obama, he can ask him - twice - how, with his dearth of experience and his own 2004 "lie" that he would "serve out my full six-year term" in the Senate - whether he really, truly, actually believes he is ready for the job of the presidency. Or did he blink? Ever? ...

If perchance Gibson did ask such a question, will he have his Russert like video tape where Obama admitted he was not ready. There are several out there. The fact is that some literal truth can be found in all the McCain ads. What is omitted are the explanatory footnotes that Obama would like included. The same thing happens even more often in Democrat ads and sound bites. Until election laws outlaw the "material failure to disclose" as the securities laws do, you will always have this in politics.


Reaching Critical Mass

By Victor Davis Hanson

The sudden change in the polls the last 10 days, even though it may be temporary, has prompted a furor in the media that has no parallel in modern election history. Vicious words like "treason", "abasement", "liar", and "lying" are in the air now in an unheralded attack on McCain, often in association with the sex education ad, and the lipstick identification with Palin as a pig. (cf. e.g., Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen today). But as Byron York has shown, that ad alleging that Obama supported detailed information about matters of sex to be disseminated to younger children (for a variety of educational reasons), while tough and unnecessary, was nevertheless not a lie.

And as far as the silly lipstick moment, if one studies the tape carefully as Obama lets go with his similes, it is clear that the hooting audience at least seemed to make the association with Palin, and the further elaboration on a stinky old fish seemed to cement the allusion to McCain.

What otherwise are we to think of this silly controversy?- (a) a candidate is complaining about McCain and Palin; (b) in his exasperation the candidate next uses two metaphors (not 1, not 3) - (c) one to a pig with lipstick (after Palin had famously just used a lipstick/animal metaphor in her speech), and (d) a second one to an old fish - a theme of the Obama campaigning has been to suggest McCain is "losing his bearings", "confused", has "lost track", and "couldn't remember."

But from anger at those two inconsequential ads, and the selection of Palin, Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen, for example, makes a rather large leap to this conclusion:
... the lies of Vietnam and Watergate and Iraq. So many lies. Who believes that in Afghanistan last month only five civilians were killed by the American military, instead of the approximately 90 claimed by the Afghan government? Not me. I first gave up on the military during Vietnam and then again when it covered up the death of Pat Tillman, the Army Ranger and former NFL player who was killed in 2004 by friendly fire.

What does "give up on the military" mean, and what does it have to do with a McCain ad reminding voters of the difference between Obama and himself on the appropriate age to introduce children to sex education learning materials?

What we are seeing is a sort of meltdown in which the selection of Palin is associated with the first real possibility all summer that the messianic Obama may not necessarily ascend; that triggers a certain repulsion toward her in particular, and a general furor at the once likeable McCain (once likeable to present-day Obama's supporters in the past sense that in 2000 he was going to lose, perhaps divide Republicans, and was not George Bush), which, in turn, can conjure up all sorts of no longer latent demons, going back to Vietnam onto to Iraq and the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

The problem (inter alia) with this vicious, loose use of "traitor" and "lie/liar/lying" and blanket condemnations of the US military is that it achieves the opposite of what the authors intend - and repelling most readers to such a degree that they are scared off from anything the writer seems to be advocating.

We've seen that with the Atlantic Monthly pictures and blog rumors about Palin's recent Down Syndrome pregnancy, the unhinged hatred columns of the sort of a Salon's Cintra Wilson or those suggesting riots or global hatred of the U.S. if Obama loses, the Matthews/Olbermann rants, the daily salvos from the NY Times columnists,and the hourly Palin rage from spoiled Hollywood prima donnas.

Do they have any idea of how they sound or where this leads? Despite an unpopular incumbent, economic upheaval, unpopular wars, and a charismatic Democratic candidate, the media, hand in glove with Obama's messianic sense of self, are doing all they can to lose a once sure election by the sheer repugnance of the way in which their anger is expressed and expressed and expressed . . . And again, it seems uncontrollable. Didn't anyone learn from the General Betray-Us ads?


Joe Biden: Barack Obama Is Too Smart & Educated For Small Town America

Senator Joe Biden told small town America yesterday that Barack Obama was too smart for you. And, Barack's too well educated for you, too. At his rally in Flat Rock, Michigan, Biden slams small town America:

Joe Biden tells small town Americans, Barack Obama is too smart for your neighborhood, and you're just not used to somebody really smart or well educated.
"All this stuff about how different Barack Obama is, they're not just used to somebody really smart. They're just not used to somebody who's really well educated. They just don't know quite how to handle it. Cause if he's as smart as Barack is he must not be from my neighborhood." Oh, and the woman introducing Joe Biden calls Sarah Palin, "A bucket of fluff," Biden laughs and pumps fists at the crowd in support.


Obama's Immigration Bill Includes Funding For Leftist Groups to Organize Immigrant Communities

The Citizenship Promotion Act, S. 795's, primary goal is "to assist aliens who have been lawfully admitted to becoming citizens of the United States." It does not provide funding to secure the borders or assist in the USCIS's quest towards efficiency or its capabilities to root out corruption. Instead, Obama's bill will organize the immigrant community by allotting U.S. $80 million for outreach programs targeted at immigrants and future voters.

In Section 6 of Obama's bill, costing U.S. $80 million, the Secretary of Homeland Security would "award grants," to "not for profit organizations" with "experience working with immigrant communities" to "carry out outreach activities," including teaching English, providing education and citizenship classes, plus provide legal assistance" to applicable aliens towards citizenship and the right to vote. Typically, studies show that immigrant voters vote Democrat.

If passed into law, organizations seeking Obama's grant eligibility must show, how they plan "to leverage available private and State and local government resources;" their experience "in carrying out the activities, including the number of aliens and geographic regions served; and, .[how] to employ best practices developed by adult educators, State and local governments, and community organizations." The Secretary of Homeland Security would also "develop outreach materials" such as "public service announcements; advertisements.other media." to "encourage" applicable aliens to become U.S. citizens.

The Secretary of Homeland Security serves at the pleasure of the President; if elected that would be Obama.


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